Interesting World Wide Fund Campaign

January 23, 2009 at 11:18 pm (Anything) (, , )

Originally known as the World Wildlife Fund, the WWF is an organization that theoretically sets out to protect the planet. While it’s original mission was to ensure the survival of endangered species, nowadays it’s expanded its operations to encourage sustainable development

In spite of its laudable mission, it’s notorious for its administrative incongruences.  Some of its biggest financial backers are sworn enemies of all things nature, ExxonMobil for example. While this guarantees that the fund will have it’s hands tied, it has not stopped them from working in a very creative marketing campaign.  So, hereby I give you some of its best ads from around the world:

1.-  15 KM of rainforest dissapears every Minute


2.- You can help stop global warming


3.- Where is your home?


4.- Where is your home?


5.- Dont buy exotic animal souvenirs


6.- Not recycling this newspaper is the same as cutting down another tree




  1. MEF.Sophie said,

    Jeje, el que más me impactó fue el de “Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs”, aunque en realidad yo no lo hago, pero me la pensaría más si tuviera la oportunidad jaja. La imágen se ve algo sádica, pero eso es lo que la hace tan chida.

  2. McMasa said,

    Demonios, he intentado por días ver este maldito post y no lo logro, sólo me aparecen los comentarios. Que puede estar sucediendo??

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