10 random facts about me

February 22, 2009 at 1:39 am (1)

Well, we were talking about writing this post to provide more info on us humble people who write this blog. Rather than being “random facts”, they are more like “curious” or “possibly interesting facts”…but anyway, here go mine.

1. Most of the videgames I have ever bought have been of the Starwars universe, with very few of them being from other developers.

2. I totally beleive that Alanis Morissette is definitely the best female artist in the whole wide world…I asked her to have a baby with me during her concert, but I guess she didn’t hear me over the crowd. Needless to say, we don’t have a baby together…yet.

3.  I consider Pulp Fiction to be considerably over rated

4.  I have incredibly scpecific tastes in food, disliking many things just because they are not prepared just exactly the right way.

5.  I am a  good listener (it’s true, I am…)

6. I love many Tim Burton films,  being The Corpse Bride and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory My Favorites.

7.  I love to travel, with New Zealand being my greatest goal for the moment.

8.  I am extremely shy with groups of people I don’t know.

9. I prefer redheads over blondes.

10. Both the best night of my life and the worst one happened when I was 18.

Well, it is not mucho…just a glimpse on useless facts on my life.

Have a great day,  and please keep reading our blog!


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February 19, 2009 at 3:43 am (Anything) (, , )

Hey there. Find our articles cool? boring? strange? spapiropaptic? fantastronic? stupitronic or any other subyacent? Then grade us! When you write your comments to any article, grade it. Any scale you want! From 1 to 10, A+ to F, alpha to omega, from Ardipithicus ramidus to Homo sapiens sapiens. Anything! We will count on that to keep up our work, or just to see how lame you are, both come quite inhandy.


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Silvestre Revueltas – Symphonic Works

February 17, 2009 at 1:42 am (Music) (, , , , , , )

The other day I was thinking about my next post on this blog, and I have to admit I had no idea what to post about. Many things passed through my mind, like writing an essay, for instance, but finally I decided to post about one of the biggest geniuses of Mexican music: Silvestre Revueltas.

This Mexican composer was born in Santiago Papasquiaro, on the state of Durango, on December 31th, 1899; he died in Mexico City on 1940. Revueltas’ music is a mixture of Mexican folk music and the mainstream composers’ music of the first half of the past century; the result of this mixture is an extremely interesting music, where powerful prehispanic percussions, colorful Mexican pieces, and the dissonances of modern harmony dance together to become an amazing musical orgy =).

You can download an album with many of the symphonic works of Revueltas using the link below. This is the track list of the album:

CD 1

  1. Sensemayá
  2. Toccata
  3. Cuauhnahuac
  4. Música para Charlar: Construcción del Ferrcarril
  5. Música para Charlar: El Desierto
  6. Ventanas
  7. Redes: El Pescador; Funeral de niño
  8. Redes: Segunda Parte

CD 2

  1. Janitzio
  2. Ocho por Radio
  3. Homenaje a García Lorca
  4. Caminos
  5. La Noche de los Mayas: Noche de los Mayas
  6. La Noche de los Mayas: Noche de Jaranas
  7. La Noche de los Mayas: Noche de Yucatán
  8. La Noche de los Mayas: Noche de Encantamiento

Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/198507984/Silvestre_Revueltas.rar.html

And just for the record… I’ve never been able to find anything of Revueltas on the internet, hehe, so that was one of the reasons I decided to upload this album. Enjoy the music!!!

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TV mess ups

February 13, 2009 at 2:56 pm (Humor) (, , )

It’s friday! Finally, after a long week of work, the weekend starts. And Valentine’s day tomorrow, have a nice friendly day, with is the real meanning of these day. Besides all the advertisement, the selling of useless, silly and meaningless products, consider the day a day to share a good quality time with friends, family and love ones.

Today, something I think is a funny and creative way of making unexpected comedy. Some of us had probably seen on live TV something that happens unplanned. These are just a couple of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen that happened on live TV around the world. I just found a large amount of funny videos, thus I posted only the most selected selection of selected videos ;). Enjoy!

Listen to this guy who can’t hold the laugh.

Listen to this man’s great achievement despite his condition… aparently to the reporter, being gay or blind is the same thing.

And last, three videos for which the phrase “you’ve fallen in a classic” got it’s meaning.

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Women and trucks

February 8, 2009 at 5:05 pm (Humor) (, )

I think I’ve finally found out why men are attracted to Dodge trucks. It was in front of my eyes all the time…


Need I say more?

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Video games killed the radio star

February 7, 2009 at 10:42 pm (Essays, Humor, Video Games) (, , )

Have you ever played a game online? If you’ve done so, then you are familiar to the screaming and yelling of people who get really, and I mean really into de game. For instance a game can be dramatic, strong, intense and really adrenaline pumping, but there is a limit to the screaming and kicking.

Reciently, lots of researches arrive to the conclusion that intense violent video games develop an excessive anxiety on people who plays them. Especially people under 15 years. This may only be one of those news that you hear and forget two minutes later, but it is a very important issue now a days, especially for children.

Kids are growing very quick in a mdern world more and more for adults. Restriction methods and laws are uncapable of stoping or even reducing this problem. Cellphones, Internet and T.V. among others aren’t the ones guilty, these are only gadgets used the wrong way. Imagine if our children now is growing uninformed, or overloaded of information, which is mostly trash, what can we expect of them when they grow up. They will be in charge of the world one day, that is undenieble, but are we willing to allow people who are very unstable to be our future leaders.

I am a gamer too, and yes, once I had problems with my behavior during my gameplay time. Soon enough I learned video games are made to be a relief, to have fun. Inside a game you can do stuff that would be against the law or out of this world, but it should be a relief of the real world, something to keep inside the game, it shouldn’t be something more to stress for.

Take it easy, enjoy it, it is made for that purpose. Have a nice time playing!

PD: the good side about game rage is you can laugh at others who are angered by a game! here some videos…

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Religion and lifestlye blablabla pt 2

February 6, 2009 at 2:54 pm (Essays)

Wow! I was surprised to see that the other members actually commented! Great!  I read them and they were very interesting and actually talked about many things that were going to be present in the next posts

Yes, religion doesn’t necesarily need a divine being. Budhism is a perfect example for this. Budhism’s teachings include a balance in mind, body and universe, implying that all beings and things are connected and part of  the universe. Japan’s traditional and older buildings have a very different concept than western buildings. Their lifestlye follow a similar path, too. Their buildings show the results: the spaces and lighting, the materials used, the way they are constructed, the organization, they all reflect a different attitude towards the environment and man’s relationship to nature.

European and western lifestlye are also a important subject in arquitecture. And the renaissance was a huge influence for this. During this period, man became the center of the universe, forgetting nature even more. Countless palaces and monuments were built in this time, many were religious, but many were simply tribute to man’s greatness.

The mayans make also a very interesting case. However, there is still much mystery to be unravelled regarding their civilization, which I think changes our perspective quite a bit. Anyway, maybe it would be best if we simply go out one day and discuss it, sounds like an interesting conversation

Maybe later I’ll continue and write a more detailed post on the matter.

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The Bat vs. Shark

February 1, 2009 at 8:07 pm (Humor)

Remember those good old days, first movies in color TV, James Bond movies, The Beatles and the one and only Batman show atarring Adam West. Who wouldn’t remeber the now classic “Pow!”, “Splosh”, “Boom”, “Kuaz!” signs.

Well the Batman of this TV show was more than a super hero. He was a crime fighter, fire fighter, street fighter, dancer, a scientist, besides the rich and elegant man behind the mask known as Bruce Wayne. You would think, well with all these attributes what does this man can’t do. Mmmm, oh yeah I know; he wouldn’t be able to defeat a shark while hanged form a ladder carried by a chopper in the middle of the ocean. Yeah that would be.

If you thoght that, and you must probably did, then you are WRONG. He did. Using one of his amazing gadgets, product of days and nights thinking of the worst and most uncommon situations, just to be prepared to deal with anything. And not satisfied with his victorious encounter, he in some sort of fast eye-invisible move, planted a device of some kind of shark exploder.

No wonder why this episode was the most popular for the Japanesse audience…

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Super Bowl XLIII!

February 1, 2009 at 7:39 pm (Polls, Sports)

Hey hey! Today is the day of the XLIII Super Bowl. Pittsburgh vs. Arizona Cardinals, who oare you with? What would be the final score! Post your opinion and win! (the fascinating sensation having guessed right!).


Who will win this night! Post your comments and prepare to party in Tampa!

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Vintage Motorcycles 1st edition

February 1, 2009 at 7:19 pm (Vintage Motorcycles)

Hey there! Greeting to all my fans and devoted people who expect every day, hour by hour for our new posts. Without you we would be… quite the same indeed. This is the first issue of many about vintage motorcycles. I declare my self openly as a former fan of these marvelous masterpieces. My passion for these vehicles comes from about 5 years ago when I saw some sort of movie in which these motorcycles had a strong appearance. Lately I’ve been looking to get obne of these but as some of you may know, a motorcycle like these is hard to find and expensive (depending on its specs.).

This issue of Vintage Motorcycles comes from my lately cinematic experience; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In this movie, Benjamin (Brad Pitt) uses a very particular, red painted motorcyle. Do you reccognize it?


Well the image isn’t as clear as I would like it to be. Searching though various forums and blogs (and in my own opionion), I found out that this motorcycle is an Indian Scout 1928.

Indian Chief Motorcycles were the pioneers of many innovations which virtually every motorcycle today uses. The company started on 1901, one year before Triumph started and two years before Harley Davidson. Ironically, these three companies still remain unlike a lot of other franchises which came later and dissapeared.

Originally, Indian Motorcycle company was called Hendee Manufacturing company and on its first year, there were only made three motorcycles.

By the way, the other blue motorcycle which is used on the movie is a triumph, unfortunately I were unable to look for the year. But we will talk Triumph in a later issue of Vintage Motorcycles. Here a few pictures.

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