The Bat vs. Shark

February 1, 2009 at 8:07 pm (Humor)

Remember those good old days, first movies in color TV, James Bond movies, The Beatles and the one and only Batman show atarring Adam West. Who wouldn’t remeber the now classic “Pow!”, “Splosh”, “Boom”, “Kuaz!” signs.

Well the Batman of this TV show was more than a super hero. He was a crime fighter, fire fighter, street fighter, dancer, a scientist, besides the rich and elegant man behind the mask known as Bruce Wayne. You would think, well with all these attributes what does this man can’t do. Mmmm, oh yeah I know; he wouldn’t be able to defeat a shark while hanged form a ladder carried by a chopper in the middle of the ocean. Yeah that would be.

If you thoght that, and you must probably did, then you are WRONG. He did. Using one of his amazing gadgets, product of days and nights thinking of the worst and most uncommon situations, just to be prepared to deal with anything. And not satisfied with his victorious encounter, he in some sort of fast eye-invisible move, planted a device of some kind of shark exploder.

No wonder why this episode was the most popular for the Japanesse audience…



  1. MEF.Sophie said,

    Hahahahahahaha… I’m sorry, but… hahahahaha
    No wonder why many kids wanted to be Batman when they grew up…

  2. Rodo said,

    Sublime hijos, sublime. Te only thing that’s better than the oceanic repellent is the BAT LADDER OMG I want one of those fabulose spr incredible spapirifactic BAT LADDER, you know it’s the best bat-device I ave ever seen, it’s just so…. cool…. :S.
    I hope one day I can get one of those “Street Vendor & “Dan” Repellent” (Nice it is not Dan, it actually is “Dan”) LOL. When I grow up I don’t want to be Batman or Robin, I want to be an exploding shark XD.

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