Vintage Motorcycles 1st edition

February 1, 2009 at 7:19 pm (Vintage Motorcycles)

Hey there! Greeting to all my fans and devoted people who expect every day, hour by hour for our new posts. Without you we would be… quite the same indeed. This is the first issue of many about vintage motorcycles. I declare my self openly as a former fan of these marvelous masterpieces. My passion for these vehicles comes from about 5 years ago when I saw some sort of movie in which these motorcycles had a strong appearance. Lately I’ve been looking to get obne of these but as some of you may know, a motorcycle like these is hard to find and expensive (depending on its specs.).

This issue of Vintage Motorcycles comes from my lately cinematic experience; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In this movie, Benjamin (Brad Pitt) uses a very particular, red painted motorcyle. Do you reccognize it?


Well the image isn’t as clear as I would like it to be. Searching though various forums and blogs (and in my own opionion), I found out that this motorcycle is an Indian Scout 1928.

Indian Chief Motorcycles were the pioneers of many innovations which virtually every motorcycle today uses. The company started on 1901, one year before Triumph started and two years before Harley Davidson. Ironically, these three companies still remain unlike a lot of other franchises which came later and dissapeared.

Originally, Indian Motorcycle company was called Hendee Manufacturing company and on its first year, there were only made three motorcycles.

By the way, the other blue motorcycle which is used on the movie is a triumph, unfortunately I were unable to look for the year. But we will talk Triumph in a later issue of Vintage Motorcycles. Here a few pictures.


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  1. boywonder21 said,

    I have a questions, I just bought an old 1970 Triumph tiger and I am learning the characteristics of it, like it not starting and the electrics. Can you give some tips as to common problems that occur with triumphs?

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