Religion and lifestlye blablabla pt 2

February 6, 2009 at 2:54 pm (Essays)

Wow! I was surprised to see that the other members actually commented! Great!  I read them and they were very interesting and actually talked about many things that were going to be present in the next posts

Yes, religion doesn’t necesarily need a divine being. Budhism is a perfect example for this. Budhism’s teachings include a balance in mind, body and universe, implying that all beings and things are connected and part of  the universe. Japan’s traditional and older buildings have a very different concept than western buildings. Their lifestlye follow a similar path, too. Their buildings show the results: the spaces and lighting, the materials used, the way they are constructed, the organization, they all reflect a different attitude towards the environment and man’s relationship to nature.

European and western lifestlye are also a important subject in arquitecture. And the renaissance was a huge influence for this. During this period, man became the center of the universe, forgetting nature even more. Countless palaces and monuments were built in this time, many were religious, but many were simply tribute to man’s greatness.

The mayans make also a very interesting case. However, there is still much mystery to be unravelled regarding their civilization, which I think changes our perspective quite a bit. Anyway, maybe it would be best if we simply go out one day and discuss it, sounds like an interesting conversation

Maybe later I’ll continue and write a more detailed post on the matter.


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