Video games killed the radio star

February 7, 2009 at 10:42 pm (Essays, Humor, Video Games) (, , )

Have you ever played a game online? If you’ve done so, then you are familiar to the screaming and yelling of people who get really, and I mean really into de game. For instance a game can be dramatic, strong, intense and really adrenaline pumping, but there is a limit to the screaming and kicking.

Reciently, lots of researches arrive to the conclusion that intense violent video games develop an excessive anxiety on people who plays them. Especially people under 15 years. This may only be one of those news that you hear and forget two minutes later, but it is a very important issue now a days, especially for children.

Kids are growing very quick in a mdern world more and more for adults. Restriction methods and laws are uncapable of stoping or even reducing this problem. Cellphones, Internet and T.V. among others aren’t the ones guilty, these are only gadgets used the wrong way. Imagine if our children now is growing uninformed, or overloaded of information, which is mostly trash, what can we expect of them when they grow up. They will be in charge of the world one day, that is undenieble, but are we willing to allow people who are very unstable to be our future leaders.

I am a gamer too, and yes, once I had problems with my behavior during my gameplay time. Soon enough I learned video games are made to be a relief, to have fun. Inside a game you can do stuff that would be against the law or out of this world, but it should be a relief of the real world, something to keep inside the game, it shouldn’t be something more to stress for.

Take it easy, enjoy it, it is made for that purpose. Have a nice time playing!

PD: the good side about game rage is you can laugh at others who are angered by a game! here some videos…


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  1. Rodo said,

    LOL that last video of the fat stupid guy….again… That video has been used for so many things, one of the urban leyends is that he was traying to enter to the “webtec” plataform which is the virtual working plataform of ITESM jaja. (Se lo que estas pensando mau). That video has more translations than the bible hahaha and that “Finally translated and subbed properly” stuff is not convicing, I mean, the argument that “proves” that this translation is PERFECT is that the name of the translater is FOX(Tobias). WTF WITH THIS, Tobias isn’t even a german name, it’s like the name of a guy that lives in Botswana or in the “South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands” (SGSSI). YES that place exist !!!!South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands!!!!!! it even appers in the myspace options (If you are asking right now: In the messenger options? Where?…where it says “Country”… obiously…. idiot). And here you can find the link, it even deserves a post, lol.



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