TV mess ups

February 13, 2009 at 2:56 pm (Humor) (, , )

It’s friday! Finally, after a long week of work, the weekend starts. And Valentine’s day tomorrow, have a nice friendly day, with is the real meanning of these day. Besides all the advertisement, the selling of useless, silly and meaningless products, consider the day a day to share a good quality time with friends, family and love ones.

Today, something I think is a funny and creative way of making unexpected comedy. Some of us had probably seen on live TV something that happens unplanned. These are just a couple of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen that happened on live TV around the world. I just found a large amount of funny videos, thus I posted only the most selected selection of selected videos ;). Enjoy!

Listen to this guy who can’t hold the laugh.

Listen to this man’s great achievement despite his condition… aparently to the reporter, being gay or blind is the same thing.

And last, three videos for which the phrase “you’ve fallen in a classic” got it’s meaning.



  1. MEF.Sophie said,

    Hahaha they’re very funny, although, I still find Maruja’s video much more hilarious!! 😛

  2. Rhayader said,

    If I had to loose one of my senses I think I would become mute, rather than blind or gay.

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