10 random facts about me

February 22, 2009 at 1:39 am (1)

Well, we were talking about writing this post to provide more info on us humble people who write this blog. Rather than being “random facts”, they are more like “curious” or “possibly interesting facts”…but anyway, here go mine.

1. Most of the videgames I have ever bought have been of the Starwars universe, with very few of them being from other developers.

2. I totally beleive that Alanis Morissette is definitely the best female artist in the whole wide world…I asked her to have a baby with me during her concert, but I guess she didn’t hear me over the crowd. Needless to say, we don’t have a baby together…yet.

3.  I consider Pulp Fiction to be considerably over rated

4.  I have incredibly scpecific tastes in food, disliking many things just because they are not prepared just exactly the right way.

5.  I am a  good listener (it’s true, I am…)

6. I love many Tim Burton films,  being The Corpse Bride and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory My Favorites.

7.  I love to travel, with New Zealand being my greatest goal for the moment.

8.  I am extremely shy with groups of people I don’t know.

9. I prefer redheads over blondes.

10. Both the best night of my life and the worst one happened when I was 18.

Well, it is not mucho…just a glimpse on useless facts on my life.

Have a great day,  and please keep reading our blog!



  1. Tavo said,

    Jaja nice! Just remeber to write which “me” is talking Maucar. And don’t worry, Alanis will watch carefully the video of the concert and send you the answer to your attractive and totally understandable petition. here, have your 9.5

  2. aby said,

    so..as I promised.. I took a little time, and visit your blog =)
    Soorry, but I don`t think Alanis will give him a son.. perhaps she may watch the video, but he didn`t scream hard enough, believe me, I was there.. and he only proposed it once!!
    I think Maucar has to wait ’till she cames back, and this time scream loudeer!!!

  3. MEF.Sophie said,

    Wiiiiiiiiii Tim Burton’s films rock!!! haha
    Goog luck with your Alanis-and-you-having-a-baby proposal, although I wouldn’t keep my spirits high on her coming back (all thanks to the “euphoric” tapatiaaan crowd ¬¬’ )… I guess you should pay her a visit to Canada, perhaps you’d get better chances to dazzle her with your obsession, and, if she doesn’t send you her guards right away, you’d still had made your best effort ha ha
    I give you an A!!! 😉

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