Game Review: Pokémon Pearl (DS)

March 2, 2009 at 1:11 am (Video Games) (, , )

On this game review we have Pokémon pearl for the Nintendo DS. The first thing that may go through your mind is “isn’t this a game for kids?”. Well yeah it is, but not exclusively for kids. I’m not a kid and I had too much fun with it, I couldn’t believe I had spent over 30 hours of gameplay. And I still haven’t finished it!

What about its dificulty level? Well, it is a very simple game with a well proportionally raise of dificulty while you go through it. It doesn’t feel unfairly hard but puts up a good fight. You will see plenty of differences and new stuff in this version as well as in Diamond. Clearer graphics, well, even the change during day and night is visible.

Now by cathegories.


The visuals for both versions are very impressive, detailed and full of color. As it was mentioned before, it even cahnges the color when the transition rom day to night happens. you will start to see the screen color a bit more orange for about two hours, which are two hours in real life since the game clock works as a normal clock. Then at night the houses light up and the general color screen is darker.


Control is tight and responsive. Although we are talking about a DS, the touchscreen has some involvement in the gameplay. It is not indispensable for normal gameplay but it is for some minigames. As you may know, this is a turned based RPG, so controls may not have to feel as responsive as they might in accion games for example.


I haven’t seen the latest Pokémon TV series, so I don’t know if the game’s story is something close or has something to do with the TV series’ story. Anyway, the game doesn’t involve a large complecated theme. It is very simple indeed, and has just a lot to do with the three main pokémons of these series; Palkia, Dialga and the remaining one to come in Pokémon Platinum. It is also unlikely for you to know anything about the previous games. There are a couple of things from these previous versions, but nothing critical for your developing though the game.



The audio seemed a lot like in it was on the previous games. It didn’t change too much, making it somewhat dissapointing to find the same noises from pokémon on and on, you know, those noises that are like distortioned environment sounds. But the sound during battles, especially d

uring great boss battles is amazing, it really makes you the feeling of an epic fight. Besides, boss’ battles include some surprises that make it more exciting to play.



Pokémon Pearl’s gameplay was very exciting, at some moments somewhat repetitive, and getting into random battles when walking on high grass or inside caves becomes really frustrating after a while. So make sure you always have repel spray in your equipment.



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  1. Rudi said,

    Yup, this game is so cool.. I played it and addicted.. XD

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