Happy Birthday dear Aby!

March 3, 2009 at 5:56 pm (Congrats, Humor) (, , , , , )

Happy birthday to our friend Aby for her b irthday. She’s grown so much since we meet her (sniff sniff)


(Picture may or may not be Aby when she was younger, but she did was naughty since then)

We (your friends and Indie-Retro staff) hope you have a fine day with your friends, family and loved ones. Word got to us that you also managed to get your license. It was about time! We’re so sorry for those poor people on the sidewalks, but look for the good side of this… when you find one of course. Now that you can drive, perhaps you can give us a ride since we’ve always done that for you. Don’t miss understand us, we don’t ask for any payback, it’s just that gas is not cheaper you know… and don’t try to give us a ride to all of us at the same time.


(Picture does not show Aby’s car, friends or Aby herself, but we’re afraid something similar could happen if she gave a ride to all her friends)

Just take care, drive safely, if you drink DON’T EVEN THINK ON THINKING OF DRIVING, please. Remember that accidnets are a serious issue. But really, we trust you and your driving skill, we hope the person responsable for giving you your driving license was consious of what he/she did, or that he/she gets the punishment he/she deserves. Anyway, we hope to see you soon at the CUCS parking lot for women.


(Picture may actually belong to CUCS parking lot for women, really)

Just kidding Aby! Really we are happy you have your driving license and we congratulate you for your birthday. We hope you have many many more birthdays, bbut stop counting on the 30th 😉

Happy birthday Aby!




  1. aby said,

    q mensooos!!! =P
    aww!!… loOs qiieroO muuchoo muuchoO en vdD!!
    muchas graciiias!!!!

    ah!… y nada de naughty… ioO soii toOdoO un angeliitoO!!
    oOtra Vs.. LOS QIIIEROO MUCHOOOOOO!!! graciiasz!!!! =)

  2. DMI said,

    Joyeux Anniversaire Aby!

    Ah, and Tavo, you really shouldn’t censor your photos. The one of the parking lot grossly exagerates their driving abilities. The reality is much worse…

  3. MEF.Sophie said,

    Bueno fuera q tuvieramos un estacionamiento solo para niñas jaja a duras penas hay lugares para los carros… Aunq si hubo una vez q una señora (o señor, la vdd no recuerdo bn) dejo una camioneta pasando el borde de una bardita del estacionamiento, quedo colgando jajaja si consigo la foto se las paso…

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