Facebooking #2

March 10, 2009 at 12:21 am (Anything, Essays) (, )

Today the second article on facebook. The videos for today have something to do with your privacy in facebook. You know there are certain filters or general conditions which allow or stop somebody else on the net to view your profile. Despite these security measures, people always find a way to break through this barriers and check on other people’s profiles. This is the point when it can turn unconfortable and even dangerous. Take this advice, always keep a low profile, nothing too personal or detailed information. Remember to make a responsable use of such websites and networks. More important, have COMMON SENCE.

So here, the videos.

(the first video is more serious than the second, but the second is kinda funnier, just watch both)


1 Comment

  1. MEF.Sophie said,

    A link to videojug’s videos… how rare of you haha
    Still it was good to post how can we protect our privacy in such a website… thanks! (I loved the second link)

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