Dragon Ball Evolution

March 17, 2009 at 2:30 pm (movies) (, )

So, we are about to witness how another manga (which actually managed to come across TV before) is taken to the big screen. Dragon Ball Evolution is the name for the next film about the famous and classic story of Goku and friends in their journey for the… you know, Dragon Balls, and world peace.


The film was ready in 2008, but due to some internal decisions, the date was moved for 2009. It will be on cinemas in April 2009 (well at least it will be in this town).  The movie refers to the very first adventure fo the saga. Just when Goku (Justin Chatwin) met his female and tech-addict Bulma (Emmy Rossum). Together they start searching for the Dragon Balls, but not before their encounter with Yamcha (Joon Park), Master Rochi (Yun-Fat Chow), Chi Chi [also known as Milk] (Jamie Chung), and the evil lord Piccolo (James Masters). Oh and yes, Piccolo is Green. With director James Wong, we can only hope to have a good time laughing out laud and remembering the good old days of Dragon Ball. So then, as a final recommendation, don’t be sceptic about it, since it may or may not be what everyone of us expec. But there is effort on it, it looks like it in the trailers. Besides, you don’t win anything going to watch it all minded up.

Next, a trailer of the up comming movie and a cut scene from the last Dragon Ball Film. Enjoy!


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