Black Kids!

March 21, 2009 at 10:43 pm (Music) (, , )

Black Kids, oh how I love this band. From Jacksonville Florida, this band came last week to Guadalajara at the Diana Theatre, performing alongside Vampire Weekend. What an amazing show. It was full of energy and the poeple, which was not much but were very loyal, was all turned on when the band came out. Reggie Youngblood, band vocalist, made a good connection with the audience sharing some words in spanish which came to be very funny since the phrase was “who’s the girl?”. They put so much energy on their performance it was hard not to stand up and dance, especially when Ali Youngblood came close to salute people. I love that girl; she has such charm and energy. In fact, both band girls Ali and Dawn Watley are very charming and full of energy. Owen Holmes and Kevin Snow, bass guitar and drums respectively, where on a dark spot I don’t know why, but they were clearly very motivated too. I personally was expecting to see Owen Holmes since he is my favorite bassist and a probably role model.


Thank you Black Kids for comming, hope you can come here again someday, I know I will be expecting it. Good luck with your tour, continue with your nice work and have fun!

Following up, a video from the concert: Hurricane Jane. Enjoy!


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