Worst death ever

April 21, 2009 at 12:57 pm (Humor) (, , )

OK, let me make you a question: you are taking a drive on your jeep peacefully along the read. So you find yourself being confronted by a skillfull and dangerous skater who is trying to take you down with a shotgun while guarding himself behind a sex doll. Your reaction is:

a) “oh my God, i’m gonna die” and try to kill the thug,

b) “hey, a new doll model, gotta get mine” and suprinsingly kill the thug,

c) ask him for his autograph for being such a skillfull thug/hired killer and then kill the thug with a pen, or

d) hit him with the rear part of your jeep and shot both, the thug the doll with a rocket launcher while on mid air.

All 4 options seem out of these world don’t they? Well actually one of them happened. Let me show you. And enjoy 😀


1 Comment

  1. Davis said,

    looks like a candidate for the Darwin awards

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