Ok, wtf with the swine flu

April 28, 2009 at 1:01 pm (Anything, Essays)

Well then, there’s a high alert on this issue right now. But are you really informed about it? More important, is your information reliable? I think I don’t need to explain why having the correct information is critical.


Lets start with this, what is a zoonosis?

A zoonosis is a disease transmitted from insects and animals to the human, as is the case of fastidiousness.

What is influenza?

Influenza is a severa disease that results from the infection of influenza virus, which in this case is the virus which normally affects pigs.

Is there a vaccine available?

It is not likely possible to find a useful vaccine at this early point.

Is the stational influenza vaccine useful against this disease?

No, but it can lower the effects of other types of influenza.

Are the anti-viral drugs useful against this disease?

They prevent the reproduction and evolution of the virus, thus reducing the time of hopitalization. These drugs should be taken during the first 48 hours after the first symptoms.

At last, what should we do?

Rest at home, drink 50% liquids than before, avoid the use of aspirine, double your personal higiene.


If you have to go out, use something to cover your mouth and nose. If you sneeze, cover your mouth using the inner part of you elbow.

The virus is not in the air, but it can be in the small drops of saliva that people sneezes. These drops can travel no more than 1 meter to 1 and half meter (3 -5 feet) from the person who sneezes. Be carefull in rooms with air conditioning since the same air currents created from the air conditioning can carry particles farther. Be sure to clean surfaces often since the virus can remain there for hours until it dries up.


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