Back to school.. or not?

May 7, 2009 at 2:43 pm (Anything, Humor) (, , , , , , , , )

Hey hey bloggers! Long time since we made our last post? Don’t worry none of the authors neither me were sick (you know, of that thing, human influenza). We’ve just been relaxing, sitting back on our chairs, watching TV, playing video games. All because the week off we got due to what I mentioned before. But hey, we’re back and that means more videos, some essays, probably nothing important, just little somethings to pass the time, relax, laugh a little, get informed, etc.

Right now I’m very hungry indeed so why not post some images about that? rAnD0m EY? hehe enjoy!eye-level-great-white-lw


“In thin slices please. Hmmm no, not that, a sandwich slice size please”


“Awww, she remembered my birthday”


“I knew it! Even he can’t stand his own burgers!”


“Got Bat-milk?”


“Having a milkshake eh? I see the milk, but I don’t see any shaking”


“Watermelon again? nooooooo”


“The military hide something from us, finally the truth is revealed”


“Ever wondered what happens when Kirby does not spit out his victims? Well, this is it”


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