Primitive leeches

May 8, 2009 at 8:16 am (Anything)

Hey hello blogers. By the title of the article you probably thought of this post as an informative post where I was going to explain some type of living organism which would be rather interesting, weird or special ’cause otherwise there wouldn’t be any other reason for posting something like this.

Well, I’m  afraid this is not the case, but this is sure something that really made me angry and feel sorry for some people that combine such level of stupidity with ignorance and missinformation, dissguising it with fluid speeches and not-funny jokes.

This is the speech of a man who says mexican people and their “women with mustache” (oh and by the way, Tiziano Ferro you are a complete moron) are number one exportes of venereal disease to the U.S. He mentiones that mexican people ruined their schools and hospitals, bring disease to the U.S., “ciminalists” and “primitive leeches” that suck out resources from the homo sapiens, hard working americans.

Just listen to this. I’m glad, and I must say this, that at least these guys from the young turks know somehow what’s going on. In the video they present the speech of Jay Severin. I’m still amazed how easy is to make money for these people; “Just grab a microphone and talk anything stupid and insult whatever differs from your thoughts, except black people or jews, otherwise you’re fired”.

And something else. This is for people of the U.S.; make an effort and call yourselves otherway, “americans” is not quite proper. There are other 34 countries n America besides the U.S.A. You are not alone, not in the whole continent, neither on the north. North america includes Mexico and Canada. So please, make an effort. Specially you, oh great homo-superior-sapiens Jay Severin; may your mother be proud of you butt hole licker.


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  1. MEF.Sophie said,

    I don’t care where the swine flu came from (rather from the scientific reasons, since it’s only importance is to get the means to design a vaccine and investigate how the virus mutated, etc.). What I’ve got to say is that communications, world traveling, and importing and exporting even more expensive products are only some of the great advantages of technology applied to media and transportation, advantages that the US and many other nations have used for their profit (and what a profit!). Unfortunately (and as most things in this world) it has disadvantages, and one the worse ones is that they spread diseases much faster and further. Now, this has been known for many years, and it’s a risk we always take when we travel far from home, or when we trade with countries all around the world. Mexicans know it, Chinese know it, and you so-called Americans know it too, so grow up and get over it, because the disease is already spread and instead of wasting time pointing out the “guilty” ones you should be preventing from getting infected (by contact with sick mexicans and AMERICANS too) and spreading the disease even more.

    By the way, you may also blame us for getting parasites, allergies and other infections when you travel to countries like ours, but most of them are due to your lack of exposure to many natural elements, making you weak and propense to these agents which are just innocuous to us…

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