Indie rock and folk for me

May 10, 2009 at 10:47 am (1)

So, again we must stay home as a precaution angainst swine flu. However, it is a great chance to see movies, read books, and listen to some great music.

A couple of weeks ago i came across a great artist which i think may be some fresh air after so many piano-based-wanna-be artists.

I’m talking about the great Kate Nash, british artist (obviously) who at the age of 20 released her first album “Made of Bricks” and reached top sales in the UK. She represents much of what indie music is all about. Like the artic monkeys and some other artists, she uploaded her songs to her MySpace site , which then caught the eye of a producer who made her album possible.

This album is a couple of years old, yet i only came across her music a some time ago. My jaw dropped while listening to it, really. But why is she so damn good? Why did she win so many awards as a break through artist?  There are so many interesting things in her songs…the style mixing, her voice, the lyrics…everything just works out perfectly.

At first, Kate Nash seems to be a sort of  Lily Allen, mixed with some Mika rythm and some Bareilles chords. However, she is much more than meets the eye….or the ears on this case. Most of her songs have an incredibly simple instrumental formula: playful chords in a cycle that repeat over and over. However, this is merely like a background effect, when you mix this with her vocal rythm, they fit in quite nicely. Also, most times she ellaborates on this chord cycle as the song progresses, backed up by great percussion beats, adding effect to her sound. Despite how simple she may sound, it is no easy task to sing and play her music at the same time.

Her vocals are something to stop and listen closely. Her great voice is backed by great lyrics. Her playful instrumental part mixes with this to give the exact effects she wants. Most of her songs are narrative based, and lyrics actually make sense, making them humorous, emotional, and intelligent. A great example for this is “Birds”, which i consider to be a great and beautiful song talking about how a couple sees each other after a long time and how they try to show the other one how much they care:

“…that’s what i feel about you..

she saids ‘thanks, i like you too’

he said ‘cool’ ”

There is also heartbreaking-cut-your-veins-right-now songs like “Nicest thing”, and playful and hillarious songs  like “Foundations”

” You say i must it so many lemons, cause i am so bitter, i say i rather be whith your friends, mate, cause they are much fitter”

On top of that, Nash has explored other completely different music styles, producing some great covers that range from the legendary artic monkeys and the white stripes, to the electronic sound of  Black Kids, whom you may remeber from a previous post by Tavo (she is actually friends with them).

Some people have been hard critics of her music, clearly forgetting that she was 19 or 20 when she wrote some songs, and thus her lyrics, her sarcasm, and her emotions go according to her age. Bottom line is, as far as i know, this is one great, interesting artist whose talent will surely keep us wanting more.

I hope you like her as much as i did.kate-nash-01

If you want to give her a listen i recommend that you go to her MySpace site, or listen to her recording in Abbey Road at youtube



  1. Aby said,

    hey guys!! seems like mau got his new Alanis!!.. just kidding mau.. we all know she is your real love!! ❤
    what i’ve read is exactly what you told me!!…. but I must admit that everything you’ve said is right, she’s pretty good!!.. and guess what!?.. thanks to her.. i’ve found another kate that has excellent songs toO!… she’s kate voegele… you must hear her song “wish you were” and “fooling myself”….

    that’s all!! =] bye !!!

  2. Robotic-oneiros said,

    I absolutely love her ha I mean her music and just her music but i still love her 😀 thanks

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