Where the bloody hell are you??

May 12, 2009 at 8:26 pm (1)

Again i choose to post something regarding aussie-land

This time i’ll show you a spoof for  the Australian tourism campaign. The first video is the real campagin, the second is the spoof commercial, and the third, if you want to see it, is a very corny song titled “I am Australian”

Hope you like it



  1. Tavo said,

    Ok, about the first video: it is clear that the beach is all deserted, so the girl could easily be topless at least! besides, nobody would notice except for the staff recording, it would make the commercial more… convincing. Also, i liked the boy and his fish friend that are about so ambush the taxi-plane.

    about the second video: maybe they could bring just a couple of guys from C.S.I., they would probably find a single, lonely, insignificant fiber of clothing stuck in the thorn of some plant or in the middle of a snake’s nest. then they would put it through crazy colored lights and vualá: the exact satellite position of the corpse.

    finally the third video: I think i found some incongruences like the old guy and his wireless internet connection in the middle of the desert, or the boy receiving a picture on his cellphone, first; he is underground (he is in the subway) second; it is such and old device. it was cool to see the bus racing a car in the desert.

    Just kidding! nice videos Maucar! I guess somebody is trying to tell us something about somewhere this someone wants to travel perhaps. 😉

  2. Maucar said,

    You’re right!! the air taxi was definitely going to be ambushed by that guy and his fish friend. The topless girl thing in inexcusable jajaja.

    Also, from that corny song you are correct, that old guy was probably just a regular guy in disguise jajaja. However, you should know that the commercial was made by Telstra, the main communication’s company down under. It is like Telmex making a song to make everyone feel proud to be mexican…imagine that..

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