Tunetron; the cruelest of the Decepticons

May 13, 2009 at 2:29 am (Humor, Indie-Retro comic) (, )

Hey hey! hope you are having a nice time. I kinda do, I musn’t lie to you. And hey, I got this inspired with the new transformers movie coming soon. Hope you like it. Enjoy!




  1. Maucar said,

    Jajaja, great one. However, you underestimate tunetron, he can easily produce a tune in such frequency that you start bleeding through your eyes, your heart beging to beat so hard that it bursts out of your chest and then your head explodes into a millions pieces. Watch out for tunetron!

  2. Robotic-oneiros said,

    Tunetron can actually piss of an audience in a rock concert causing a riot and initiating the third world war, and we’d never know it was him. BEWARE OF THE EVIL TUNETRON!

    It’s awesome that you decided to include comics in your blog. *thumbs up*

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