Freedom to stop your freedom

May 22, 2009 at 11:36 pm (Anything, Humor) (, , , )

Hey! Sorry for the delay. Lots of work this week but it was aaaall for the best. School is over and we’re free once again! We managed to end the semester succesfully! In your face swine flu! hahaha

Well I got this video some day in between these couple of days before finishing school. I know, I should have been working but it made me relax for a little. Well, at least I had a good laugh with it.

Watch and listen for yourself how this artificial blond arranged a press conference to confirm her stupidity. And hey, good old Donald Trump helped her. It is amazing how somebody can twist words and stuff to say another idea which goes against the first idea and so on. Didn’t understood this last sentence? Don’t worry, you’ll get what I meant after you hear this novel price model speaking.

Well now you know how to support your arguments. Example: I hate blacks and jews and my opinion is shared by Hitler. Therefore, I am correct.

You may also find quite useful her tip to isult everybody and be spared. Example: You are a mother f*cking moron, c*ck sucker, ass f*cker; no offence.

Wow, this really makes thing easier…


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