Michael Jackson’s video games

June 27, 2009 at 6:35 pm (Humor, Video Games) (, , , )

Well we all know about the recent loss to to the music industry. But instead of being sad and all, lets remember him by the best of him. We liked his music and dancing, we also like vid games… you connect the dots? That’s right!

Michael Jackson had his way though video games too. The most memorable one, based on his move too: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

From this game that Sega developed I gound two versions. One appearantly belongs to the arcade version. Have a nice time remembering a nice fella in a now forever to be remembered video game.

First video belongs to the normal version. Second to the normal version. Enjoy!


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Still don’t believe?

June 27, 2009 at 5:38 pm (Anything, Humor) (, , )

Hey there! not too much to say or do this past days does it? Well, except for that little detail of a recent death of a certain man who we all know and that it shadowed another death of a certain woman who probably not all of we know.

Anyway, there could probably be another post of these issues sometime later, but today I wanted to show you that greeks weren’t inventing anything. The fact that you haven’t seen a half human half horse person ever does not discard the possibility. Here, the proof.


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Simona Halep

June 18, 2009 at 3:54 pm (Anything, Sports) (, , )

Hey Hey! well you’ve probably heard of this tennis player and her quite controversial decision about her body. Ok, her name is Simona Halep. She was born in Romania in 1991. Even though her young age, she has won the Roland Garros Junior championship in 2008 and without being a proper professional, she managed to advance to the second row of Roland Garros in 2009.


The thing is this; she decided to reduce her breast in order to have a better performance. Given the following announcement, lots of sites over the world are making a big deal out of it trying to make her think again her decision.

Ok , well think again about that. Since this news has been around, a great number of videos, pictures and stuff have been uploaded day by day, as done in this site. But the objective of this post is not to manifest ourselves against her decision.


People should put themselves in the place of the girl. All this stuff may not be appropiate for her career. The pressure of the sites, the interviews, newspapers, magazines and all. She is barely 18, (she’s 17, will turn 18 on September). Let she decide on her body and her career. The best thing to do on this would be to support her decision. She very cute indeed and she would make a great modeling career or something. Yet she seems to be very promising on her sports career.

Whether she decides to reduce her brests or not, she has all our support.


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Assassin’s clip

June 18, 2009 at 3:11 pm (Anything) (, , , , , , )

Hey hey! Well its summer and there probably little done on pretty much anything. At least it started to rain again, it was damn hot before.

Ok now, I’m pretty sure most of you have already seen this clips that Mega64 produces from several all-time favorite games such as Metal Gear, Shadow of the Colossus, Hitman, Tetris, etc. They even had the participation of Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear series) in the clip they made from MGS4. However I can’t get of my mind that next assassin’s creed comming on November or December, so lets watch this clip this guys made of assassin’s creed. Pretty nice. Enjoy

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Déjà vu??

June 16, 2009 at 9:41 am (1)

Again, a video from HECF, this time showing how someone, somewhere with absolutely nothing to do spent a good long while analyzing disney movies. Check out what they found…

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And so, summer gains strenght

June 13, 2009 at 4:34 am (Humor, Indie-Retro comic) (, , , , , )

Hey hey bloggers! Damn, summer is comming to it’s peak and the weather is hot, hot , hot! Anyway, that doesn’t stop us of posting new things such as Danbertus and Maucar, who is actually on vacation trip (I’m talking about Maucar). It’s nice to know he every now and then checks upon things down here.

Sorry about the delay on a comic! Had no inspiration these days. And the weather is not helping at all. Besides, I’ve reciently aquired a piece of entertainment which has completly surprised me. I’ll tell you about that lately, its nothing big after all.

This time for the comic, ever wondered WTF when pokèmon are inside their pokè-balls? How the f*cking sh*t they fit into those little things? And then those little devices can even shrink from a fist size to a peach size! How can they!? Maybe pokèmon anatomy allows them to adjust to small spaces. 😛 well these guys tried something different. Enjoy!


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The Purchase Brothers

June 11, 2009 at 8:23 pm (Anything) (, , , , , , )

It’s hard to believe you can get anywhere these days solely on creativity. After all, money talks, and the only way to generate spectacular movie material is to throw boatloads of cash at a project. Right? Wrong. The Purchase Brothers are small independent filmmakers who´ve managed to create high quality videos on very, very limited budgets. While on paper the ideas seem cheesy, they work quite well. Here´s some samples of their work:

Escape from City 17

A true masterpiece of independent film, this 5 minute short was made with only a 500 dollar budget.It´s hard to believe that when this action movie based on the Half-Life videogame looks better than several high-budget projects. However, credit is given where credit is due; the video is possible in large part thanks to the excellent Source engine developed by Valve.

Coke Babies

Don´t worry, it´s not about infants newly born to crack addled mothers. Rather, it´s a very creative ad made by the Purchase Brothers for Coca-Cola. I´m not sure of the budget for this one, but again, it wasn´t that much.

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Election time..

June 11, 2009 at 10:03 am (1)

So, i quickly checked HECF to see if there was anything interesting (i need to keep up to speed with things going on back home). And i came across these videos of the %&*/$%?&* Partido Verde. This is the add campaign they used to promote some woman somewhere. However, as we have come to expect, it is pure bullshit, and copied from another video already on youtube.

Check it out.

PS. If someone could please contact Chris Martin so he can sue Partido Verde, it would be greatly apreciated.

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Bond vs Dr. Abominatius

June 7, 2009 at 4:06 am (Humor, Indie-Retro comic) (, , , , , , , )

Hey hey to all indie-retro bloggers? Dang, have you seen all those games and new features presented on the E3? Sorry for insisting too much on the issue but it is just marvelous, can’t get enough of it and ended up wanting a larger, deeper E3 2010.

Ok ok, enough of that, I have to get over it. As a matter of fact, this blog started to be a game blog. You know check out new games, once in a while remember those good old games that made “good” those old days. The staff and I will be working on that soon. It is still on our plans to make some game reviews from a point of view that is closer to normal people, not game experts, not game developers, just people that buys and plays videogames for fun.

Well for today’s comic comes Mr. Bond agains the terrible, econimics hater, parlament ruiner, anti-ecologist, kitten lover; Dr. Abominatius. Enjoy! 😉


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The masterpiece is finished!

June 4, 2009 at 12:50 am (Humor, Indie-Retro comic) (, , , )

Could it be any better? The great E3 is just throwing some nice surprices and some other stuff we were expecting. Check out the videos of Assasin’s Creed 2 and God of War 3, dang they’re good. Bu hey, really do search for this videos and other games you like. Some sites I would recommend would be Gamespot and Gamepro.

Well, now, the comic! Enjoy ! 😉


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