Bond vs Dr. Abominatius

June 7, 2009 at 4:06 am (Humor, Indie-Retro comic) (, , , , , , , )

Hey hey to all indie-retro bloggers? Dang, have you seen all those games and new features presented on the E3? Sorry for insisting too much on the issue but it is just marvelous, can’t get enough of it and ended up wanting a larger, deeper E3 2010.

Ok ok, enough of that, I have to get over it. As a matter of fact, this blog started to be a game blog. You know check out new games, once in a while remember those good old games that made “good” those old days. The staff and I will be working on that soon. It is still on our plans to make some game reviews from a point of view that is closer to normal people, not game experts, not game developers, just people that buys and plays videogames for fun.

Well for today’s comic comes Mr. Bond agains the terrible, econimics hater, parlament ruiner, anti-ecologist, kitten lover; Dr. Abominatius. Enjoy! 😉



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