The Purchase Brothers

June 11, 2009 at 8:23 pm (Anything) (, , , , , , )

It’s hard to believe you can get anywhere these days solely on creativity. After all, money talks, and the only way to generate spectacular movie material is to throw boatloads of cash at a project. Right? Wrong. The Purchase Brothers are small independent filmmakers who´ve managed to create high quality videos on very, very limited budgets. While on paper the ideas seem cheesy, they work quite well. Here´s some samples of their work:

Escape from City 17

A true masterpiece of independent film, this 5 minute short was made with only a 500 dollar budget.It´s hard to believe that when this action movie based on the Half-Life videogame looks better than several high-budget projects. However, credit is given where credit is due; the video is possible in large part thanks to the excellent Source engine developed by Valve.

Coke Babies

Don´t worry, it´s not about infants newly born to crack addled mothers. Rather, it´s a very creative ad made by the Purchase Brothers for Coca-Cola. I´m not sure of the budget for this one, but again, it wasn´t that much.


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  1. Jim said,

    Well, you’re only 4 months late bring this news to the world.

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