And so, summer gains strenght

June 13, 2009 at 4:34 am (Humor, Indie-Retro comic) (, , , , , )

Hey hey bloggers! Damn, summer is comming to it’s peak and the weather is hot, hot , hot! Anyway, that doesn’t stop us of posting new things such as Danbertus and Maucar, who is actually on vacation trip (I’m talking about Maucar). It’s nice to know he every now and then checks upon things down here.

Sorry about the delay on a comic! Had no inspiration these days. And the weather is not helping at all. Besides, I’ve reciently aquired a piece of entertainment which has completly surprised me. I’ll tell you about that lately, its nothing big after all.

This time for the comic, ever wondered WTF when pokèmon are inside their pokè-balls? How the f*cking sh*t they fit into those little things? And then those little devices can even shrink from a fist size to a peach size! How can they!? Maybe pokèmon anatomy allows them to adjust to small spaces. 😛 well these guys tried something different. Enjoy!



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