Simona Halep

June 18, 2009 at 3:54 pm (Anything, Sports) (, , )

Hey Hey! well you’ve probably heard of this tennis player and her quite controversial decision about her body. Ok, her name is Simona Halep. She was born in Romania in 1991. Even though her young age, she has won the Roland Garros Junior championship in 2008 and without being a proper professional, she managed to advance to the second row of Roland Garros in 2009.


The thing is this; she decided to reduce her breast in order to have a better performance. Given the following announcement, lots of sites over the world are making a big deal out of it trying to make her think again her decision.

Ok , well think again about that. Since this news has been around, a great number of videos, pictures and stuff have been uploaded day by day, as done in this site. But the objective of this post is not to manifest ourselves against her decision.


People should put themselves in the place of the girl. All this stuff may not be appropiate for her career. The pressure of the sites, the interviews, newspapers, magazines and all. She is barely 18, (she’s 17, will turn 18 on September). Let she decide on her body and her career. The best thing to do on this would be to support her decision. She very cute indeed and she would make a great modeling career or something. Yet she seems to be very promising on her sports career.

Whether she decides to reduce her brests or not, she has all our support.




  1. Lenny20 said,

    Just got knocked out of the tournament in the first round. Simona Halep this is gods way of telling you he is unhappy with you changing the way he made you… shame on you!

  2. Mike44 said,

    So, Lenny20 – do you wear glasses? Have you ever had a haircut? Isn’t your god unhappy with you changing the way he made you? Shame on you!

  3. Gooner4life&beyond said,

    Mike, don’t be stupid. Hair grows back, glasses come off. Glasses, seriously? You want people to walk around half-blind? It’s not God taking away their eyesight.

  4. Matt said,

    What’s all this nonsensical chatter about god for? God has nothing to do with any of this, tennis skills, ample bosoms, eyesight, etc. FYI, god is a fictitious myth, i.e. no such thing. She’s an attractive young lady with lovely breasts and an excellent tennis player. Let’s give credit where credit is due: chalk that up to her parent’s genes and her dedication to the game, not to your make-believe god.

  5. Jon Mayer said,

    She should be able to do whatever she wants! Anything that makes someone happier about their own body is fine by me. I realize that she has fans and maybe little girls are influenced by this, but the real message is that people should follow their dreams … that’s what she is doing. Why would that be controvertial? I think the public just want an excuse to talk about boobs, which I also understand.

  6. said,

    That first picture is so hot… I imagine that it’s my penis she is holding.

  7. pluke63 said,

    Simona please keep in mind that with great powers come great responsibilities…
    Tennis career would last 10 years or less, big boobs last forever (though they drop down a bit in the process of aging…)!!!

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