Political campaigns and art

July 3, 2009 at 2:56 pm (Anything, Politics) (, )

Hey hey indie-retros! Well after some days off. We’re back. Still we need some more time but well, it’s not very comfortable going out and listening everywhere that we may go to vote this Sunday the 5th.

Well this is the thing: We are on voting season, for a couple of weeks already the people has been under a lot of publicity from the different political parties. Hell of a lot of money was spent on these campaigns. A lot of shit was thrown from one contender to another. But hey, at least we knew they were actually proposing some solutions to our daily problems… however we’re still trying to figure out how the heck are they going to acomplish those goals (translation: from where are the f*ck are they going to obtain the freakn’ money for all their ideas).

Due to all this issues, there are a lot of campaigns run by people who are promoting a null vote. Next some suggestions. If you’re into this too, be sure to express your creativity and as Bob Ross would say; happy paintings.


Need I say more?


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