transformed a decent movie into a crappy sequel…

July 3, 2009 at 4:38 pm (1)

Hi everyone! i finally got the internet back on, so i can post things again. This week there was a day when i had absolutely nothing to do, and no one was home either, so i decided to go to the movies. I thought transformers 2 would be a pretty good choice, specially since i really enjoyed the first movie…right?

wrong! sadly, transformers 2 fails to deliver in many many aspects. Maybe you don’t agree, but anyway, here is what i thought.

First, the stoy lacks excitemente through out the entire movie. In the first one, the director effectively portrayed the menace and danger that meant the presence of even a single Decepticon.  This first scene in Qatar was a good example of this…and even the survivors of the military base had huge trouble trying to survive angainst the tiny (in comparison) scorpion like robot that chased them trough the desert. After all this, when Megatron reactivates you can definitely say “ohh, this means trouble” or maybe “HOLY “/$”!, What now??”.  And in the finaly battle scene in LA one decepticon meant huge trouble for the rest of the characters, even with the help of the autobots.

However, this sense of danger is completely inexistent in the sequel. This is particulary evident in the first sequence when a huge decepticon attacking shang hai is gunned down in just a few moment by the “good guys” . Also, The fallen lacks the menacing image that megatron had in the first one, and the later even seems kind of weak this time around.

Secondly, and probably most important, the story lacked crdibility in all levels (as it usually does in hollywood blockbusters). Normally this wouldn’t matter in huge actions films, realistic sequences or plots are rare to find, but this time i beleive it was just to much.  Americans (as usual) storm the world in their “righteou0s” fight angainst evil, even invading and entering any country they like. I’m getting a bit tired of seeing that in movies.  Plus, character reactions are just pointless and with out any sense. The fallen one appears on world wide tv to present his threat to the world, and yet the next day life goes on as usual in New York City. You would think that openly admitting the existance of aliens and their intentions to destroy the world would cause and imapct in the world, but apparently that’s just me talking BS. Sadly, there are many moments like that one which simply damage the film in the long run.

The movie has some things going for it, visuals are incredible and there are some good action sequences, particulary the one in the forest with optimus. But even the humour, which was a great bonus to the first film, seems to be taken a bit too far. There are some funny moments in the film, no doubt about that “You torched my eye you crazy bitch!!”. But it doesn.t work all the time.  Even in situations where the mood should be tense and worrying, they ruin it with some joke out of place, like the scrotum joke under the pyramid.

In the end. Maybe they rushed the sequel too much. I beleive they should have waited a bit more to work on the story. Sadly, what’s done is done, and we are stuck with this sequel which could have been so much more…



  1. Mr. Gori said,

    You forgot to mention that the film lasts 2 hrs and 20 minutes preparing you for the last battle between Optimus and The Fallen, which lasts less than 5 min. If they had made the film shorter, I would have justified its terrible story, but 2:30 hrs was one hour and a half more time than what this story deserved.

  2. Maucar said,

    quite right you are. A complete disappointment the final battle. Though the film is not too dificult to stand for 140 minutes, it does create a huge expectation of the final showdown that just doesn’t work.

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