Interesting campaign proposal

July 5, 2009 at 3:20 am (Anything, Humor) (, , )

Hey hey! Hope everything is alright out there, we’re just fine here! Well this is a quick post just to show a couple of friends some thing I found on the web. It is most likely that most people will not understand this but I will try to explain.

We’re on voting season, campaigns were made, etc, etc. Well there this political party that has one of their main proposals which goes like this: “Si no puedes pagarte la medicinas, que el gobierno te las pague” (translation: If you can’t buy the medicines, let the government pay them for you). This was suggested due to the economical problems that a lot of people have and can not buy their medicines.

Well, this political party has the support of some TV actors and actresses. In fact, there are to people who are highly involved in the promotion of this campaign; an actor and an actress. Well the actor is not very important for now. The actress is… well, sort of cute and she is part of the image of the campaign.

Thanks to all image editors (even Paint, yes, mainly Paint) there are some good laughts about this next image:


(translation: If I don’t give you my ass, let the Green Party pay them for you).

Sorry for her since she is only supporting what she considers is the best option of all the political parties. How ever, we all know they are exposed to all this kind of jokes. I hope you liked it, I know my friends do since they all know the follow up of this campaign and stuff. Well, hope you liked it. If you didn’t, still; Enjoy! 😀


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