Alien discrmination

July 13, 2009 at 10:23 am (1)

Hi guys! anothe movie trailer update…

Well, what about aliens?? We seem to have exploited every possible idea for movies with them. We’ve seen aliens coming to attack earth in countless films…aliens that agressive to humans when we travel to other worlds, monsters from outer space, and even movies where humans openly invade other planets…seem’s like every aspect has been used.

However,what about runaways aliens coming to earth for refuge and being discriminated by humans like any other social group??? This summer District 9 is coming out, based on a shortfilm wich came out some years ago. I don’t remeber an idea quite like this one…seems interesting.

 Could be great…could be terrible, let’s hope it is the first one…

here is the original short film that the movie is based on.


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  1. DMI said,

    Seems promising. Neil Blokamp is a first time director of long films. Neil’s done some pretty amazing work on short films. He was supposed to lead the Halo movie before it got scrapped. I really like his visual style from what was seen on the 2 small Halo shorts realeased for halo 3.

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