Bip Bup Bit Bit Baaap (Translation: welcome Roboneiros!)

July 13, 2009 at 3:19 pm (Congrats) (, , , , )

Hey hey bloggers! Well As you’ve probably already noticed, and for you who haven’t noticed, we welcome a new member to the Indie-Retro staff: Roboneiros.

Roboneiros is a close friend of mine and of some other members of the staff. He is a very nice guy, eager to write for the blog and dreams on becoming a real human.

After denying his true aluminum and steel soul, he traveled far to continue his studies on human life forms and other knowledge with which he will be able to camouflage as a normal human being, going through life fixing calculators by talking to them.

Hehe, just kidding. Expect some really nice posts from this guy. From all Indie Retro staff, welcome to the team Roboneiros!


(He may actually look like this under his sinthetic skin, we’re still trying to figure it out).


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