My Führer, you’re so damn right

July 15, 2009 at 4:10 pm (Anything, Humor, Sports) (, , , , )

Hey hey bloggers! Well I know some of you may not know spanish, not to mention mexican spanish. But if you do, well you will most certainly like this vid.

As some of my fellow comrades may know, the mexican soccer team, our “best of the best” players of Mexico are just a shame. What this Hitler says is just the pure and simple truth, nothing else.

Even the sub-17 selection of the Seychelles Islands is a potential threat for us. Damn we’re so down. Well it is very funny anyway. Enjoy!


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  1. Maucar said,

    Jajaja…brilliant! so many great moments!!! jaja
    yes, i’m one of those that hope that we won’t go to South Africa…fingers crossed!!
    Maybe people will start seeing the real situation of our team…

    “No llores, a mi si me gusta como narra el perro…”
    “Ah, y nos vamos a llevar el azteca a sudaàfrica??!!!”
    “A huevo, pinches centroamericanos nos la pelan…”
    JAJAJAJAJA great one

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