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September 12, 2009 at 11:03 am (1)

Since the release of their first album “Showbiz”, this trio joined ranks with the endless list UK groups that have left their mark on music history. Armed with a great new style in guitar chords and piano arrangements, the group presented a complex and interesting sound combination that resulted from the influence of many elements, including electronic music, classical, rock beats, and even traditional spanish tones.

However, Muse’s success doesn’t stream from the quality of their music alone. They also give a little extra to their live performances, giving them world recognition for throwing some of the best shows. Their songs are matched by equally impressive visuals and special effects that make the entire presentation a unique experience, which  calls on thousands of people every time they play a gig.

Over time i began to realize the main thing about their music: it is one pure shot of emotion. Seing them live is like inyecting a full dose of adrenaline, pumping emotion through every vein in your body. However, it doesn’t just make you stand up full with energy, it totally amps up the current emotions you’re feeling. If you are feeling certain anger or rage at the moment, with certain songs you will most likely feel it bubble up and take hold like never before. For example, if you have ever felt so much in love with someone it actually hurts you and the frustration makes your body ache in pain, then you should definitely give “Space dementia” a try during this kind of moments. You will find how every agressive piano chord and arpeggio seems to increase and amplify your feelings every time as it reaches the climax and then resolves and falls slowly back.

“You make me sick, because i adore you so, i love all your dirty tricks and twisted games you play on me…”

“you make us wanna die, i cut your name in my heart…”

Or maybe you just feel like going against the flow and against the whole world, then “Invincible”, paired with its brilliantly accomplished live visuals will surely make you feel alive and empowered to take on anything. You will see as the song progresses and the volume rises that the intensity and brutality of the video increase accordingly, giving the whole thing an extra pump of energy.

On an other level, the music complexity that Muse creates should not be underestimated. The group has good knowledge of every chord in their instrument and how they can blend in together. You can find jaw-dropping music passages in most of their songs. The piano solo of “butterflies and hurricanes”, “united states of eurasia” or the final chords of “apocalypse please” are just fine example of the music quality that the group has achieved time after time.

Four studio albums and 15 years later, Muse is now launching “The resistance”, an album that promises to push the envelope once more and deliver new and interesting sounds as always. This time around, the groups seems to be going back to their original style, straying a bit away from the more “electronic sound” of “Black holes and revelations”. Either way, it is great to see that there are still groups completly committed to making music that actually makes people feel things and not just empty noises to pass the time.

Give “The resistance” a listen if you get the chance, or check out the videos from the glastonbury performance.



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  1. Tavo said,

    I haven’t given any chance to muse’s music lately, but this review could change my mind. I said COULD haha.
    Nice post maucar!

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