Website offers Facebook users’ name and password

September 21, 2009 at 8:36 am (Anything)

Hey hey bloggers! Well again, another Facebook post. I should stop with this thing but I consider this is worth mentioning.

Panda security has reported a website that offers any Facebook user account with user’s name and password for $100 dollars. This website assures to be able to hack up to 99% of Facebook acounts, due to a supposed breach on Facebook’s security defense.

The payment is done via Western Union to Ukrainia although the website is regstered in Moscow. These mafia managed website even offers the opportunity to afiliate and promote the hacking services, with earnings of 20% for those afiliates who sell the service.

Panda security says (and pretty much anyone could guess) that either this website could make the user a victim of fraud or make a cybercriminal of the user, allowing the introduction of spam, virus or spyware thought the Facebook account, not to mention the suplantation of identity.

Ok. Well this really sounds awkward. Anyway, guess that is how Russian mafias work, by afiliating their users and customers to their services. Nah, this kinda makes no sense when offering such service. Better not panic. But as I have mentioned a lot of people who argue me that Facebook isn’t dangerous: it still has breaches and is as well hackeable. There’s been kidnaps helped by following the person through Facebook and now somebody offers all information of any user, not matter if it is a normal person, a politician or a brand’s Facebook account, for just $100 dollars. It is affordable.

Now, if it is a lie then don’t worry. But if you have important, personal or private info on your Facebook account, are you willing to take the risk of leaving all that info on the account knowing you can be hacked? Now think of your friends, family or other important people around you. What would you do if encounter such situation?

Think about it.

Well see ya, take care!



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