Eco Design on two wheels

September 26, 2009 at 4:28 pm (Bicycles)

Hey hey bloggers! Well its strange how this things come by on their own. I remember all I wanted at the beginning of college was a car. I thought it was going to be perfect, nothing else would be needed. I was so badly wrong.

Well now, after some streets closing I found out that my car is probably the worst way to go to school. So I asked myself the classic “now What?”. Was I going to buy a chopper to get to school? Probably travel by the finest, safest, cleanest, smartest, politest, most efficient public transportation this beautiful city has (by the way, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC). So my choice was this beautiful two wheeled device: the bicycle.

I personally love riding on bike. So I figured it wouldn’t be hard at all traveling by bike. Well it’s a long story that you’ll probably come to know later. Today I want to show you a very interesting choice of bikes; the Trek’s Eco Design Bikes.

Tre’s Eco Design bikes concept wants to make a greener process from the very beginning of the manufacturing process: choose the closest transportation route from the origins of materiales, up to decomposable yet durable components of the bike.


These bikes, the Belleville and the Atwood (with their women specific design, or WSD) are fully made of steel which makes them durable and makes a smoother ride reducing vibration. the coat of paint used is made that in case of decomposing, minimum toxins are released. besides, the painting process greatly reduces the waste of paint.

The belleville models come fully equiped with a three speed internal hub, fencers and racks. Leaving the Atwood model like a fitness bike with 7 speeds.

Here a short video describing the Belleville WSD. For more info, visit Enjoy!


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