Sad music indie style

February 18, 2010 at 10:25 pm (1)

Before anything: yes, i know this group has been around for a very long time, yes, i know they are famous elsewhere, but hey, i was just a kid when they started playing and that kind of music never stuck around here.

Anyway, this time around i write about a group i started listening to about a year ago. This Toronto based group has been around since the  90s. However, their style has given them a very unique identity. Death cab for cutie has succesfully created their own place in music, with a specific mixture of lyrics, piano-based music and pop-like rythms

At first glance, this group might seem a bit familiar, like you’ve heard the type of tunes before. But (at least for me) there is one constant all the time in their songs, it’s there in their instrumental arrangements, in the tone the lead vocals take, and definitely in the lyrics. Nostalgia is one of the core ingredients in this group. Their songs speak about the sadness of reality, the grim vision of the present, and the distant memory of when things were better. 

However, it all comes together very well. There’s normally a sort of calm instrumental cycle in the background, which just serves to increase the sense of nostalgia in the songs. Love seems to be at center of things (isn’t it always?), of enjoying it, accepting it’s gone, moving on as it turns just into another memory.

Maybe the cold and hard canadian winters shaped this vision, i don’t know, but in this style, and through the feelings they try to evoke, there is something else lying underneath the songs…peace. Beneath every layer of music you can find peace while listening to it. It’s surely not happy, and it speaks some pretty though words, but peace can coexist with both, as it does in this group’s music.

So, feeling lonely? Sad? Want some calm tunes floating around your head? Listen to this group then: sad music…indie style.


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Times, they are a changing

February 5, 2010 at 8:17 pm (1)

Well, it certainly has been a pretty long while since my last post. Last months were certainly tough, but i thought i should return to this blog, and stop leaving it on the shelf. So, what? Another music review? A movie one? No..this time i write about new persepectives on what it means for some men to take care of their apperance.

Though some time ago guys who shaved their pubes were commonly cause of stirred discussions regarding sexuality, nowadays it seems to be not only accepted, but even encouraged. Even gillette itself has published videos on how to do it. Tagline: when there is no underbrush, the tree looks taller.

I, for one, have never done it. Does the “tree” look taller?? Maybe, but it also makes you look like a 10 year old who has not even hit puberty, in my opinion. However, to each his own, and it seems that more and more guys are considering it to be a great idea.

You decide for yourself.

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