Facebooking #3

March 19, 2009 at 10:14 pm (Anything, Essays) (, , , )

This is the third and last facebooking article. Now, with or without your permit… FUCK YOU Facebook, FUCK your stupid huge amount of mails you send, FUCK your bitchy mini games, FUCK your annoing invitations for stupid groups. Now that I’ve had my relief… let me breath… ok done. Well you might be thinking “oh my, but why? Facebook is so cool and relaxed”. Don’t fool yourselves, it is an incredible waste of time. “No way” you’ll say, well you most probably are logged to Facebook on another window or tap. I’ve nothing against only websites where you can meet new people or have contact with a huge community of poeple, friends and strangers. But I’ve seen what this net is doing to poeple of all aged, no matter the gender. They are wasting time at work, at school, in their homes, where ever they are logged. Something that I see very often at college are some of my classmates wasting time playing a minigame about world flags or country shapes. They get so obsessed on beating their friends scores, they really start to give me the creeps.

One thing is to spend some leisure time or doing this as a hobby, but another quite different is obsessing with this stuff, and even leaving some other very important stuff incomplete. Some just don’t care about that, but I know there are people who suffer a lot because they just can’t ressist Facebook temptation and end up feeling very guilty because of leaving other things undone.

Facebook is turning to be some poeple’s life. You don’t know me and I don´t know you if you don’t have Facebook. There’s even people which attend to parties just to upload the pictures they took.

Do you remember the roots of Facebook? Do you know them at least? I’ll say this very very short: Facebook was the website created by students of Harvard and it came from a Harvard net system called homeSYSTEM, which was the college’s platform system. Face book came as a tool to help locate other college students.

Come on people. There is nothing wrong on joinning this particular website, or any other, just state your limits. The web pages will be there, don’t worry, do other stuff, meet people in the real world, keep some stuff for your self. Remember this kind of pages aren’t ment to consume people, but to entertain and sometimes to help people. Don’t let it consume you, if you can’t have the control on this, then quit it, do it for yourself.

Well, now a link to a humorous video of how to commit suicide of Facebook (quit Facebook, not to actually kill yourself for facebook), just to cool things down. Enjoy!



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